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It’s very simple. Surf around the site and find a product or two you like. You click the ‘add to cart‘ button. Once paid via Paypal or Credit Card secure transfers (provided by 2Checkout), you will be redirected to an order confirmation page. Download links will be instantly provided to you by registering to our User Area. We are hosted on good servers, so you should be getting your download fast, depending on your connection. For security, we limit the number of download attempts and time period that the links are active. However, if you have any trouble successfully downloading any or all of the data, just let us know and we’ll manage the issue.

We do strongly recommend that you use a high-speed internet connection when downloading our libraries, as these libraries may be very large in size, specially if based on sampled content. We also cannot guarantee that our servers are able to support any form of “download manager” software, so we suggest to disable them before trying any download of our products.

Send us an email, including your order reference number, if you’re having any trouble downloading your product and we’ll do whatever it takes to get your libraries to you quickly as possible.

We recommend using latest version of Google Chrome, which generally produces the fastest and most reliable download results as well optimal shopping experience. Unfortunately some versions of other internet browsers are having issues remembering items in the cart.

Yes. Our payment processor, 2Checkout, allows you using your credit card without having a PayPal account.

Once you’re redirected to 2Checkout payment page and you are ready to complete your purchase, add the coupon code and click on “Apply Coupon”. Then you’re ready to checkout.

Please, be aware that we don’t allow discount stacking, so you can use your coupon on any product that is NOT already on sale

Maybe you are trying to use your coupon code on a product that is already on sale.

Please, be aware that we don’t allow discount stacking, so you can use your coupon on any product that is NOT already on sale

Audiority never see and/or store your credit card information since it is all handled by 2Checkout.

Anything that 2Checkout allows, including PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

All invoices will be processed by 2Checkout. Be sure to provide all correct information and VAT, if available, before finalizing your purchase.

CUSTOMERS FROM GREECE: Please insert your VAT ID without the initial letters EL.

CUSTOMERS FROM NETHERLANDS: Avangate BV dba 2Checkout is registered in the Netherlands, impacting the VAT calculations for B2B transactions


Yes. Starting from January 2020, we started to deliver plugin licenses exclusively through our User Area.

Go to the User Area page and fill the form. Be sure to use the same email address you used to purchase your products, otherwise your account will be empty.

If your email address is not recognized, it’s most likely that you never registered. User Area accounts are not automatically created when you purchase on our site.

In your User Area account you will find:

  • Installers and license files for plugins
  • Most of our discontinued plugin products (if you purchased them in the past)

If you purchased on of our products from a dealer who provides redeem codes, you’ll also find it in your account once you used the redeem code.

Please contact us with a list of your past email addresses and the final email address you wish to use for your current and future purchases. In this way we will be able to merge everything in one account.


Save the license file you got with your purchase email (or via our User Area) anywhere on your computer.

Then, to activate the plugin, click on the Audiority logo and select “Register”. The Registration window will pop up allowing you to load the license file you got while purchasing the plugin.

Yes. You are allowed to resell your own license to a new owner. If you purchased the plugin first hand from our site, the transfer will be free. A transfer fee of €10/$10 will be applied you purchased the plugin second hand from another user. Please get in touch with us with your order number and the details for the new owner.

You need to register for an User Area account using the same email address you used during purchase. Please register here.

Login to your User Area account, then paste the code in the Redeem section. Once you sent the code, the plugin license will be added to the Plugins section of your account and you’ll be able to download the installers and the license file.

If you purchased a plugin bundle from one of our dealers, please contact us with your receipt.

Unfortunately, when you upgrade to High Sierra, your HFS+ file system will be automatically converted to the new APFS format. APFS does not support hard links and the links from ~/Library/Application Support/Logic and ~/Music/Audio Music Apps will break on those systems using this method of mirroring. In your Music directory you’ll find a broken symbolic link to Audio Music Apps that doesn’t go anywhere. If that’s your scenario, please do as follow:

  • Remove the broken “Audio Music Apps” symbolic link in Music
  • Create a new “Audio Music Apps” folder
  • In Finder’s menu, select Go->Go to Folder… and insert: /.HFS+ Private Directory Data
  • Once opened, go in Audio Music Apps, select all its content and press CMD+C
  • Go in your new Music\Audio Music Apps folder and press CMD+V

Once the copy is completed, you’ll be up and running again

Just register to our User Area using the same email address you used for your purchases. Once registered you’ll find everything you need in there.

All our plugins are compatible with any 64bit host that supports Audio Units, VST 2, VST3 and AAX plugins.

On Mac, the minimum OSX version required is 10.8, while on Windows is 7.

PLEASE NOTE: starting from 2019, we will cease to develop 32bit versions of our plugins, including updates.

UNSUPPORTED operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP SP3 or earlier
  • Windows NT or earlier
  • OSX 10.7 or earlier
  • Mac OS 9 or earlier
  • Linux / Unix


  • Adobe Audition v3 and earlier

Basically, yes. Since Garage Band is a stripped down version of Logic Pro X, our plugins will work but sometimes GarageBand might ask to lower its security settings to properly load the plugin.

Just go ahead and the plugin will be ready to be used.

Windows 10 Fall Update introduced a new Windows Defender feature called “Controlled Folder Access” to prevent ransom-wares taking control of your computer. Unfortunately, this feature seems to block some installers from copying the files to the locations required by the plugin.

A workaround is to temporary disable CFA, install the plugin and enable it again.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows Defender Security Center
  2. Go to Virus & threat protection – Virus & threat protection settings
  3. Scroll down to Controlled Folder Access
  4. Temporarily turn off Controlled Access
  5. Then try running the installer and see if it completes
  6. Turn Control Access back to on

Note: LDC2 Compander is used as the example.



1. Visit and enter your personal details > Click ‘Register.’

2. Once logged in, Click the ‘Redeem’ button at the top of the page and enter the redeem code you got from the reseller> Click ‘Submit’.

3. Click the ‘My Plugins’ button > Select the Mac Installer.

4. Locate the .dmg installer file from the ‘Downloads’ section of your computer, and double-click it to begin the installation process > click ‘Continue.’


1. Open the .dmg file > Open the .pkg file to begin the installation.

2. Click ‘Continue’.

3. Click ‘Continue’.

4. Click ‘Continue’.

5. Click ‘Agree’.

6. Click ‘Continue’.

7. Click ‘Install’.

8. Enter your computer Username and Password > Click ‘Install Software’.

9. Click ‘Close’.


1. Open the newly installed plugin in your DAW > Click ‘Register Online’.

2. Enter your username and email address that you registered at Audiority > Click ‘Login’.

Your plugin is now activated and ready to use.

NOTE: LDC2 only used as example


1. Visit and enter your personal details > Click ‘Register.’

2. Once logged in, Click the ‘Redeem’ button at the top of the page and enter the redeem code you got from the reseller > Click ‘Submit’.

3. Click the ‘My Plugins’ button > Select the Windows Installer.


1. Double-click the installer to extract the contents > Double-click the .exe file to begin the installation.

2. Select ‘I Accept the Agreement’ > Click ‘Next’.

3. Click ‘Next’.

4. Click ‘Next’.

5. Click ‘Next’.

6. Click ‘Install’.

7. Click ‘Finish’.


1. Open the newly installed plugin in your DAW > Click ‘Register Online’.

2. Enter your username and email address that you registered at Audiority > Click ‘Login’.

Your plugin is now activated and ready to use.


All Audiority soundbanks and sample libraries require the full retail version of virtual instruments they’re developed for. Always keep your software updated and, please, let us know if you run into any trouble at all and we’ll see if we can find a work-around.

We use the Zip or RAR formats to compress our products. Once you’ve downloaded the archive file, extract it to wherever you like and follow the install instructions provided with the product or on the product page.

Here’s a link to Winrar for PC:
Here’s a link to UnRarX for OSX:

We also suggest to keep a backup copy of your purchased products.

On Mac:
Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics/STEAM/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Patches/User

On Windows Vista/Seven:
C:\ProgramData\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Settings Library\Patches\User

Please remember that ProgramData is usually an hidden folder, so is faster to just type this path on your address bar.

On Windows XP:
C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spectrasonics\STEAM\Omnisphere\Settings Library\Patches\User

Earlier versions of Omnisphere v2 lack this option from the Utility menu. Please update to the latest version.

There is a product database file that Native Access updates every time it launches. To update the database, try the following:
1) Open NI’s Native Access program and log out. The log out option isn’t easy to see but find it and log out.
2) Close the program.
3) Run the program again AS ADMINISTRATOR.
4) Close Native Access program, but DON’T log out.
5) Run Kontakt again and The Performer should be there again.

It seems the logging in and out is necessary to properly refresh the database which NI’s development team has now updated.

If that doesn’t work, please download this XML file, uncompress it and move it into your NI Service Center / Access folder located here:
OSX: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center
Windows: C > Program Files > Common Files > Native Instruments > Service Center

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