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Plugin Install Instructions (purchased from dealers)

Note: LDC2 Compander is used as the example.


1. Visit https://www.audiority.com/register and enter your personal details > Click 'Register.'

2. Once logged in, Click the 'Redeem' button at the top of the page and enter the redeem code you got from the reseller> Click 'Submit'.

3. Click the 'My Plugins' button > Select the Mac Installer.

4. Locate the .dmg installer file from the 'Downloads' section of your computer, and double-click it to begin the installation process > click ‘Continue.’


1. Open the .dmg file > Open the .pkg file to begin the installation.

2. Click 'Continue'.

3. Click 'Continue'.

4. Click 'Continue'.

5. Click 'Agree'.

6. Click 'Continue'.

7. Click 'Install'.

8. Enter your computer Username and Password > Click 'Install Software'.

9. Click 'Close'.


1. Open the newly installed plugin in your DAW > Click 'Register Online'.

2. Enter your username and email address that you registered at Audiority > Click 'Login'.

Your plugin is now activated and ready to use.

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