GrainSpace updated to v2.4

GrainSpace has been updated to v2.4

IMPORTANT: This version will require activating the plugin again. Today (Sep 30th, 2022) we are resetting all the activation slots.

- NEW: Updated Framework
- NEW: Grain Pitch Quantizer
- NEW: Modulation destinations for Chord Resonator and Reverb sections
- NEW: Alternate Stretch mode
- NEW: Input / Output / Mix controls
- NEW: CLAP plugin format (beta)
- NEW: Non-destructive Monophonic Modulations (CLAP only)
- NEW: Persistent GUI settings (via Settings option)
- NEW: Parameter value shown on display when mouse is over a knob
- NEW: Drag and Drop license file on registration window
- NEW: Vector toolbar
- NEW: Corner Resizer (bottom right corner of the UI)
- NEW: More presets
- FIX: Improved Licenser and Online Activation
- FIX: Improved Licenser error messages
- FIX: GUI not showing correct preset name when opened the first time
- FIX: Improved button automations
- FIX: Tail not flushed on transport restart
- FIX: Reduced glitching when using Stretch, Pitch and Position
- FIX: Grain Position not working as expected
- FIX: Improved parameters smoothing
- FIX: Infinite feedback when Grain Feedback is set to a high value
- FIX: Buttons and menus not triggering preset changed
- CHANGE: Improved error messages
- CHANGE: Grain Buffer size increased to 10 seconds
- BREAKING CHANGE: Improved licenser requires a new activation

You can download the update from your User Area account.

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