PolyComp updated to v1.2

PolyComp has been updated to v1.2

IMPORTANT: This version will require activating the plugin again. Today (Feb 15th, 2022) we are resetting all the activation slots.
If you downloaded the PC version and the Mix knob is stuck, please download a fresh installer and reinstall the plugin again. Unfortunately one of the animation files went broken during the compression phase of the installer creation, resulting in a still image. We uploaded a new PC installer that fixes that issue.

- NEW: Framework update
- NEW: Band gain knobs are now bipolar
- NEW: Use ALT+Click on Bypass switches to jump between last and current value
- NEW: Vector Toolbar
- NEW: Corner resizer
- NEW: Drag and Drop license file on registration window
- FIX: Improved Licenser and Online Activation
- BREAKING CHANGE: Improved licenser requires a new activation

You can download the update from your User Area account.

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