macOS Big Sur and Silicon Compatibility

We are working to update all of our plugins to make them available as Universal 2 Binary, natively running on the new Apple Silicon Macs.
All of our plugins are already working via Rosetta 2, so they would install and run without problems.

Here's a list of the plugins available as Universal 2 Binary, updated to June 7th 2022:

- Big Goat
- Blue Face
- Distortion 1 mkII
- Deleight
- Dr Drive
- Dr Phase
- Echoes T7E mkII
- Electric Matter
- GrainSpace
- Green Reaper GR9
- Harmonic Maximizer
- Heavy Pedal mkII
- L12X Solid State Amplifier
- Klirrton Grindstein
- LDC2 Compander
- Octaver 82
- PlexiTape
- PolyComp
- Pre X7
- Pyros (was The Abuser)
- Solidus Randy 250
- Space Station UM282
- The Bluesman
- The Driver
- The Overseer
- The Shredder
- Tube Modulator
- XenoVerb

We will update this list once a new updated plugin will be released. Most of our newest products should already work on Big Sur and Silicon without any problems, but to ensure full compatibility is advised to wait for a proper updated version of each product.

Pro Tools Users Notice:
Pro Tools does not run natively on Apple Silicon machines, so AAX support is currently only available on Intel equipped Macs or through Rosetta 2.
We'll release updated versions as soon as Avid provides a compatible SDK.

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