Important changes on our Soundbanks and Sample Libraries

Since 2010, we worked hard to provide high quality soundbanks and sample libraries for Spectrasonic Omnisphere, NI Kontakt as well a couple of NI Massive soundsets.
Once we started developing our own native plugins, we got a huge response that motivated us to keep developing more, while releasing other soundware products.
The work behind plugin development, including the numerous upgrades we freely release during their entire lifetime, has become our primary focus and we eventually decided to stop developing soundbanks back in 2017.

We are currently taking new steps to improve our ecommerce workflow and we'll soon migrate to a new payment platform that will replace our current one.
Due to this change, starting from June 1st 2020, we will remove ALL of our soundbanks and sample libraries from our site and from the User Area.
These products, including any soundbank or sample library we might release in the future, will only be available to purchase from our dealers.
Please, be sure to log in to your User Area account and download a copy of your soundbanks and sample libraries before June 1st 2020.

This change WILL NOT affect plugins. We are still developing plugins and you will still find your plugins in your User Area account


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