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100 new Omnisphere 2 presets for Hybrid Cinematic, Film, Soundtrack and Trailer

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Shimmer Sky is a collection of warm, icy, spacey, ambient and shimmer pads.

Shimmer Sky comes in multiple formats, although the main one is Omnisphere 2. The concept is to provide both LAYERS and MIX presets, to be stacked with more of your sounds or controlled with the Mod Wheel to gradually increase the shimmer layer.

Shimmer Sky Specifications

  • 100 Omnisphere 2.1.0e presets (+60 soundsources)
  • 90 Kontakt 5.5.1 Instruments (.NKI)
  • 60 EXS24 Instruments
  • 1 Ableton Live 9 Instrument Rack
  • 60 WAV files with Root Key and loop embedded
  • Approx. 3GB Installed (all formats together)

Omnisphere 2

Click on “UTILITY” menu and select “Install .omnisphere”
Select the “.omnisphere” soundbank and you are ready to play.

Kontakt 5

Just load any of the NKI from the “Instruments” folder.
Please remember, if you move the library’s Kontakt folder, perform a batch resave and select “Audiority Shimmer Sky Samples” folder when Kontakt asks for missing WAV files.


Locate the “Sampler Instruments” folder in your “Music” folder and copy “Audiority Shimmer Sky EXS24” in there.
EXS24 will automatically find the samples.

Ableton Live 9

Double click the provided “.alp” file and select a folder to install the project.
Once installed, just open the Ableton project file and drag the instrument rack in your favorite location.

Omnisphere 2 and Kontakt 5

Use the LAYER patches in a multi to create your own ambient and shimmer instruments.
Use the MIX patches to play the regular pad and engage the shimmer layer by using your Mod Wheel.
Set and use “User CC” (Omnisphere 2 only) to morph the pad layer into a rhythmic pulse.


Layer the instruments with your favorite sounds.
EXS24 instruments can be used in MainStage.

Ableton Live 9

Use provided controls to layer different pads and shimmer layers to create your own sounds.

WAV Files

All files can be loaded in any software and hardware sampler.
Each file has a root key of 60 (C3), with loop points embedded.


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