XenoVerb updated to v1.3

XenoVerb has been updated to v1.3

IMPORTANT: This version will require activating the plugin again. Today (Feb 9th, 2022) we are resetting all the activation slots.

- NEW: Updated Framework
- NEW: Universal 2 Binary for Apple Silicon Macs
- NEW: High Resolution GUI
- NEW: Resizable GUI
- NEW: Vector Toolbar
- NEW: Parameter value shown on display when mouse is over a knob
- FIX: Improved Licenser and Online Activation
- FIX: Wrong displayed reverb time
- FIX: Algorithm menu flickering when changing value
- FIX: LF Cut not working on Glass algorithm
- FIX: Low frequency feedback build on Shimmer algorithm when a Pitch is at 0
- FIX: Loud spike when resetting reverb tail or using Active button
- FIX: Unwanted echo when Pre Delay is at 0.01ms
- BREAKING CHANGE: Improved licenser requires a new activation

You can download the update from your User Area account.

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