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on Feb 10, 14

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1629 sounds – Over 50% off. Get Omnisphere TOTAL and save!

This bundle includes ALL Audiority Omnisphere soundbanks produced so far. This page (as well version number and price) will be updated on every new release for Spectrasonics flagship synthesizer.

TOTAL Bundle includes:

Current bundle version: 13.0 – Save over 50% compared to single products. (updated February 2016)


  • 312 Arpeggios + Rhythms
  • 199 Bass
  • 81 Drum elements
  • 222 Impacts + Hits
  • 94 Leads
  • 162 Pads + Keyboards
  • 429 Textures + Drones
  • 130 Transitions + FX (including Oneshot Hits)
  • 37 bonus WAV files (from Trapsphere)
  • Full version of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.1.0d or higher is required.
  • Legacy version requires full version of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.5.7d or higher.


  • Be sure Omnisphere plugin is not running.
  • Uncompress your downloaded file
  • Open Omnisphere, click on the “Utility” menu and select “Install .omnisphere”
  • Select your Audiority soundbank and wait for the installation to complete

Now your Audiority library will appear inside the Directory menu.

If you are installing the “Legacy” Omnisphere v1 presets, please follow the instructions in the “INSTALL.txt” file located in the “Legacy” folder of the purchased soundbank.

PLEASE NOTE: For detailed single product specifications, please visit related product pages.

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3 Responses to Omnisphere TOTAL Bundle

  1. Aron Elal says:

    When you say ‘Total’..

    Is the ‘Omnisphere modern EDM’ included? Any possibility of getting a discount on that upon purchasing the Total Bundle?


    Aron (a.k.a. chakkimatti)

  2. Aron Elal says:

    Oh, now it’s there. Or I just failed to see it. Definetly getting this.


    Aron (a.k.a chakkimatti)

  3. Janne Kurkinen says:

    No Aron Elal, you promised…! No more spending on VST’s ;DD

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