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The Caribbean deep bass kalimba.

DISCONTINUED: Only available in Kontakt TOTAL Bundle and Hybrid Composer Bundle Extended.

The Marimbula, or bass kalimba, is a plucked box instrument from the Caribbean originally created by African slaves in the 19th
century. This instrument, differently from other lamellaphones, is used to play simple bass lines providing a rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment to the diverse instruments of a band.

In this release you will find both acoustic sounds of the Marimbula, as well some sound designed patches. Acoustic patches feature a footprint based noise reduction system, adjustable by Mod Wheel.


  • 8 Kontakt Instruments (4 Organic + 4 Designed; .nki)
  • Custom Kontakt Scripting
  • 281 samples (.WAV – 48KHz / 24 bit stereo)
  • 20 Custom Impulse Responses
  • 291MB Installed
  • Performance controls
  • Arpeggiator
  • PDF Manual – (Download)

Note: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4+ is required.

Marimbula – Hits
Marimbula – Muted
Marimbula – Natural Tuning
Marimbula – Tuned
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